Hello, I am

Boba Milic, Amazon Expert

My initial goal was to provide a successful life for myself and my daughter. Now that I’ve done that, I focus on helping others achieve what I have for my family!

My Specialties

Looking to boost your Amazon growth?

Product Research

Over the last 5 years, I have built a large network of suppliers giving me an advantage when it comes to product research and what I have access to because of these relationships.

Build To Scale

It's one thing to list products on your store, it's another to build the store properly and utilize the algorithm to scale quickly but properly.

Store Management

Over the years, I have built a 7 figure team by training them properly. This allows the management of the store to be top tier and further it towards growth.

Customer Service

I have hired and trained a large staff that manages the customer service for my stores as well as my private client stores. Improper customer management will lead to poor metrics. My team is here to aliviate that.


About Lunar Automation

Why do people choose my Ran For You service?

To help others, I started Lunar Automation which allows people to leverage the teams I have built over the last 5 years. My goal is to build successful stores similar to mine which has secured a successful future for my daughter and me.

Use my 7-figure team

You get to use my 7-figure team to build and run an Amazon store for you. Our service is also not against terms of service like others are.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Between store consulting and Meridian Automation, I have hundreds of happy private clients.

9 figures in total sales

Between all clients, I have helped sell over $100 million on Amazon.

Have a real business

We help you build a real business that produces monthly income but also builds equity so that you can sell later on.

Working Step

How Lunar Automation Works

Store Set Up

In our over-the-shoulder client portal, we show you how to properly set up your Amazon or Walmart store.

Pass To My Team

Once you complete the setup, you will pass your store onto my team so that we can start the product research process and begin listing those products on your store.

Scale Store

After we've started to get traction on your store, it's time to begin scaling!

Clients Testimonials

What People Say

Private Client Upwork Project

"This guy is incredible !! if you want to have time to work on your business but not in it, you can definitely rely on him and his knowledge !! We will definitely continue working!!"

Robert Meridian Client

"I was making more after 6 months than I did in my previous business that I have had for more than 3 years"

Michael Meridian Client

"Couple of months in my investment was paid off and I am more grateful than ever"

Jennifer Meridian Client

"In about 4 to 5 months, they had doubled the investment that I had made"