About Me

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About Me

An Amazon Expert That Has Helped His Family Future Now Looking To Help Others

I was in my Sophomore year at college when I thought about the idea of college. To be honest, you’re taught in theory, but you’re not taught the practical aspects of making money. It’s Capitalism ideology. The intention of college is understood, but it’s not necessary to become financially free.

I then started working as a Virtual Assistant on Upwork four years ago, collecting data for Amazon. A job I found to be very interesting at the time.

All this came about when I was pursuing my marriage at 22 years old. An age that Millenials would consider to be juvenile. After the birth of my precious daughter and experiencing the first touch of her sweet little fingers – a beautiful father-daughter bond that’s incomprehensible, I thought to myself: You can’t explain the feeling of the first time you meet your newborn child…it took my breath away!

From this day forward, I promised to give my daughter the life I never had – a life free from poverty. I had the desire to provide not only for my daughter but my entire family. I live in a country where people live in survival mode – on the brink of starvation. I will do everything in my power to ensure success for my daughter. From humble beginnings, living in a 3rd world country, without the opportunities that many others take for granted. I decided to work smart, not hard and learned a great deal. 

Later in my career, as an Amazon Buyer, I would always take initiative with fresh ideas. With a keen sense of Business Intelligence, I derived a plan to build and improve the Business Model.

My salary was around $3 and my agreed working hours (paid hours) was four hours, but I worked twelve hours. I went the extra mile by working long hours, taking initiative, and striving for excellence. You learn, and then you remove the L, allowing you to earn. First, learn, then earn.

When you set a goal in your mind and realize that it’s just as important as the air you breathe, you’ll take the necessary steps to achieve it.

The top-earning Buyer made around $10, 000 and he made $130, 000 in his first week. The CEO of the company I worked for discovered my talents, that’s how I got promoted to Manager of the Buyers Team. All because I put in the extra hours and diligently pursued success. The company became exceptionally successful, making $10, 000 000 in sales per year.

Even though the job was financially rewarding, I felt unexpectedly discontent. On account of my quick-wittedness and passion, I derived a system to help people attain financial freedom. This system is called Run For You (RFY). My efforts made a positive impact on the organization. I noticed that by having my team run things, the RFY system helped others build their business so that they could live their own successful life. 

I do this because of the opportunity to help others attain financial freedom. It brings me great joy to see others succeed. It’s not about financial gain for myself – it’s all for my daughter. Money can’t buy love, but it gives you a bit of freedom.

Online business is a new era and I’m grateful to be part of this movement.

Through the remarkable success of my business, I meet with amazing people and experiences the gift of serving others. I want my daughter to see me as a hero, allowing others to grow financially. There’s no better feeling than someone saying a simple thank you.



My Career Journey


The Starting


To provide a better future for my daughter, I decided to learn Amazon.




After seeing some success, I put my head down to learn how to master Amazon and its algorithm. 




From seeing success myself, I decided to lend my services to help others that needed my help with their Amazon store.

May 2019 - Now

Ran For You


I decided to now dedicate myself to helping others with Amazon. By allowing them to use my team, I can give them a far better path than doing it themselves.

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The press

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